Why Your Funnel is Failing and How To Fix It

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

As a funnel strategist and copywriter I get tapped on the shoulder several times per week for advice.

The most asked questions are always around: “Is this the best funnel?” or “What is the best funnel?”

I almost never get asked these questions: “Is my Unique Mechanism strong enough?” or “Is this a good Big Idea?”

That’s rather disturbing as it is IMPOSSIBLE to build any funnel without these necessary elements.

Yet no one seems to understand but the top 5% who make all the money.​

If your sales funnel is underperforming, prospects seem uninterested, and you're struggling to stand out from competitors, it is because you don't have a compelling "Big Idea" driving your marketing.​

Or even worse - you think you have a Big Idea nailed down but it's really just a product feature or process description.

And if you don’t have a Big Idea, I bet you are also missing a Unique Mechanism.

The Big Idea and Unique Mechanism are two crucial elements that separate wildly successful offers from ones that just blend into the noise.

So many entrepreneurs confuse these concepts or neglect them entirely in their positioning and messaging.

Let’s bring some much needed clarity!

What's a Big Idea?​

A Big Idea is the overarching theme or angle that instantly communicates the core benefit and solution your product provides in a fresh, attention-grabbing way.​

It's the "hook" that stops prospects in their tracks because it's presenting a new opportunity or advantage they haven't seen before.

Think of it as the overarching theme or angle that your entire marketing campaign is built around.

It addresses a problem or desire in the market and presents your offer as the solution.
Some powerful examples of Big Ideas include:​

Dyson Vacuum Cleaners: "Say goodbye to losing suction and hello to the future of vacuuming."

Dyson revolutionized the cleaning experience by addressing the common frustration of vacuums that lose suction power over time, promising consistent and powerful cleaning performance for the lifetime of the product.

Gore-Tex: "Experience the outdoors in any weather."

Gore-Tex invites outdoor enthusiasts to explore without limitations, promising comfort and protection against the elements.

This idea speaks to those who love the outdoors but despise the discomfort of wet and cold conditions, offering a solution that enables adventure in all weather conditions.

Peloton: "Bring the energy and benefits of studio fitness classes into your home."

Peloton transformed home fitness by replicating the motivating atmosphere of a live studio class combined with the convenience of an at-home workout.

It’s for those seeking a high-energy workout experience without leaving their home. And guess what worldwide lock down event exploded their sales?

Duolingo: "Learning a new language can be fun and accessible for everyone."

Duolingo changed the narrative around language learning, making it an engaging, enjoyable, and free experience for users worldwide.

This idea challenges the traditional, often tedious methods of language acquisition, offering a more appealing alternative.​

ClickFunnels: "Empower every entrepreneur to start, grow, and scale their businesses online without technical hassle."

ClickFunnels addresses the challenges many entrepreneurs face when trying to establish an online presence, offering a simplified solution to build and manage an online business effectively.

It's an empowerment tool, designed to turn dreams into tangible success without the technical headaches.

Notice these Big Ideas are not about product specifics - they paint a vision and desired outcome that gets people excited.​

What's a Unique Mechanism?​

While the Big Idea is broad and emotionally compelling, the Unique Mechanism is how you actually deliver on that big picture promise.

The Unique Mechanism is that specific "secret sauce" that makes your product special and different from any other solution trying to solve the same pain point or desire as your Big Idea.

It's the distinct NEW and UNIQUE method, technology, or proprietary process behind your offer that allows it to work in a different, superior way, unlike anything your market has seen before.

Some great examples of Unique Mechanisms include:​

Dyson's Unique Mechanism - Cyclone Technology​

The heart of this promise is Dyson's Cyclone Technology.

By spinning air at high speeds, it separates dust and dirt from the air without relying on traditional bags that can clog and reduce suction. This ensures that Dyson vacuums maintain their powerful suction, making cleaning more efficient and reliable.​

Gore-Tex's Unique Mechanism: Waterproof yet breathable fabric membrane

Gore-Tex’s solution lies in its waterproof, breathable fabric technology.

The unique membrane blocks water from the outside while allowing sweat (water vapor) to escape from the inside, ensuring wearers stay dry and comfortable, no matter the weather.

This technology provides unmatched waterproofing and breathability in outdoor apparel and footwear.

Peloton's Unique Mechanism: Touch screens that stream live and on-demand fitness classes

Peloton achieves this through its integration of a touchscreen on exercise equipment for live streaming and on-demand fitness classes.

This allows users to join classes with live instructors and a community of participants in real-time, creating a connected and engaging workout environment that keeps motivation high.​

Duolingo's Unique Mechanism: Gamification​

Duolingo’s gamification and adaptive learning strategy is what makes their Big Idea a reality.

Through rewards, levels, and personalized learning paths, the app makes language learning addictive and effective.

The app adapts to each user’s learning style, ensuring progress is made in a way that feels personalized and engaging.​

ClickFunnels' Unique Mechanism: All-in-one platform drag-and-drop system

ClickFunnels provides this empowerment through its all-in-one platform for creating sales funnels.

With a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, integrated payment systems, and automated marketing sequences, it simplifies the technical aspects of guiding a potential customer from awareness to purchase.

This platform is designed to help entrepreneurs achieve online success with minimal technical expertise.​


I hope this post clears up your confusion.

Do you understand now why these are not just after thoughts but FOUNDATIONS you must have, before thinking about a funnel?

Having a clear, well-crafted Big Idea and Unique Mechanism is what allows your offer to genuinely stand out and immediately communicate its value in an inspiring, distinct way.

If your marketing is falling flat, it's time to ensure you have these two positioning elements solidly nailed down.

A Big Idea taps into an overarching desire or problem, painting a vision of the solution in a fresh, attention-grabbing way.

The Unique Mechanism is the specific "how" that allows you to deliver on that big picture promise better than any other option out there.

Get these two concepts right, and you'll immediately separate yourself from the sea of sameness in your market.

Your messaging will be more compelling, prospects will understand your value proposition quickly, and your offer's true differentiation will shine through.

If you're struggling to articulate a powerful Big Idea and Unique Mechanism for your business, I can help.

Book a free strategy session with me, and we'll work together to uncover the key positioning statements that will allow you to genuinely stand out and capture prospect interest from the start.

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