What Is The Best Funnel For This?

Tuesday, March 05, 2024

I get asked this question on every call and the answer is multifaceted.

In many cases it is even the wrong question to ask. Many assume the funnel is the silver bullet.

Far more important is Message To Market match: is there a hungry market for your solution and are you connecting to your prospect with your message?

Connecting alone is not enough, that's just to first step. Once you have their attention, you need to present them with an offer they can't refuse.

Remember you are asking money in exchange for something and your prospects have to feel they get way more back than what they pay for.

They MUST feel the value exchange is in THEIR FAVOR.

Once you have your Message to Market Match and an irresistible offer, then the funnel comes into play.

I have seen people make hundreds of thousands with a Google doc and a couple of links.

A funnel is more elegant and offers more options to monetize through upsells, but you get the point. 

The funnel you choose to deploy can significantly impact the success of your business, but only AFTER you have the solid foundations in place.

Understanding the nuances of different funnel types and how they align with your audience's journey is crucial.

Let’s explore the ideal funnel for your business, drawing insights from marketing genius Eugene Schwartz's Awareness Stages and exploring the concept of audience temperature.

Understanding Audience Temperature​

Your marketing funnel's effectiveness hinges on your ability to tailor it to the "temperature" of your audience, which reflects their awareness and readiness to engage with your offer. Schwartz's model outlines three critical stages:

  • Unaware (Cold Audience): At this stage, your audience is not conscious of their need for your solution. Your messaging should focus on articulating the problem and crystallizing it into a specific need.
  • Desire Aware (Warm Audience): Here, the audience recognizes their desire but may not be aware of your product as the solution. Your messaging should pivot around the desire, gently guiding them towards your offering.
  • Product Aware (Hot Audience): At this juncture, prospects know your product and understand it can fulfill their desire. The messaging should highlight your product and its unique value proposition.

Selecting the Right Funnel Type

The funnel you choose should resonate with your audience's current awareness stage and guide them towards taking action. Here's a breakdown of various funnels and their optimal application:​

  • Webinar Funnel: Best for high-ticket offers requiring substantial education before the sale. Ideal for moving cold audiences to warm or hot through in-depth, value-packed presentations.
  • Product Funnel: Utilizes a low-entry offer to capture attention, followed by strategic upsells to increase average cart value. Effective for warm audiences familiar with their needs but exploring solutions.
  • Lead Generation Funnel: A versatile funnel, often the starting point for most businesses, designed to exchange valuable content for contact details, initiating the nurturing process.​
  • Mini-Course Funnel: Offers a snippet of your full course to engage and educate lukewarm audiences, gradually warming them up for the full program.
  • Membership Funnel: Builds recurring revenue through subscription-based access, suitable for businesses aiming to establish a long-term relationship with their audience.
  • ​Not to mention VSL Funnels for selling products under $997, Quiz Funnels for Lead Generation, Application Funnels for High Ticket...

Framing and Pre-Framing for Success

The way you introduce and position your funnel can significantly influence its effectiveness. Framing involves shaping the perceptions and expectations of your prospects, while pre-framing sets the stage for your message, ensuring it is received positively and without resistance.

Implementing Your Funnel

Choosing the right funnel involves understanding where your audience currently stands in their journey, the specific goals of your business, and the nature of your offering. It's a blend of art and science, requiring continuous testing and refinement.

Navigating the complexities of funnel selection and optimization can be daunting, especially in the dynamic landscape of digital marketing.

I specialize in crafting bespoke funnel strategies that resonate with your audience and amplify your business's growth.

Whether you're looking to refine an existing funnel or explore new strategies to engage your audience, a Funnel Health Check can unlock new opportunities for you.

Let's collaborate to create a funnel strategy that not only attracts but converts and delights your audience, driving sustainable growth for your coaching, consulting, or entrepreneurial venture.

Book your strategy session today and take the first step towards transforming your digital marketing efforts.

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